Feathered Stars

Seventh Sun of a Seventh Sun, original quilt by Rebecca Chaky, machine pieced by RCC and hand quilted by Patti Cunningham, 80"x100", 1987-1989. A seven-pointed feathered star within a seven-pointed feathered star. Displayed at the AQS quilt show in Paducah KY in 1989. Copyright 1989 by Rebecca Chaky.

Molly's Jacket, machine pieced by Rebecca Chaky, 1997. This jacket incorporates a feathered star block (made 5 or 10 years before) which wouldn't lie flat, but which conforms nicely to the human shape.
Appliqued hearts trail down the sleeve. Pig fabric, pig buttons and pig pins complete the fashion statement. Copyright 1997 by Rebecca Chaky.
Ohio Feathers, machine pieced by Rebecca Chaky, about 1988. This is a variation of Rebecca's original design which was published in the fall/winter 1987 Quiltmaker magazine as "Tartan Holiday." Copyright 1989 by Rebecca Chaky.
Another of Rebecca's original designs appears as Feathered Frame in the January 1989 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (issue 208) on page 58. Feathered Frame is based on a 3-4-5 right triangle, to ensure that the feather triangles are exactly half-square triangles.
In 2001, she made this gold version for her friend Carol. Since Carol does beautiful embroidery, and loves samplers and the color gold, the fabric in the center of the feathered stars was perfect. The quilt is 71" x 90", and has cotton batting for an old-fashioned look. Machine quilted freehand using plenty of feathered cables. (Now Rebecca's friends are lucky if she'll knit them a hat.)
Baby Quilt for Elizabeth, machine pieced and hand quilted by Rebecca Chaky in 1981. The 25" block is Feather Edged Star from Ruby McKim's 101 Patchwork Patterns.
Feather Edged Star, machine pieced and hand quilted by Rebecca Chaky between January and July 1980. That's Rebecca standing by the quilt (in 1980). The 25" block is from Ruby McKim's 101 Patchwork Patterns. This was probably RCC's first feathered star quilt.

She liked the yellow background so well she later used it on a Dutch Rose (also called Carpenter's Wheel or Rolling Star) quilt and on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. She was also quite proud of an avocado-colored blender back then, too. Does anyone remember harvest gold shag carpet? Does anyone still have harvest gold shag carpet?

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